The Deal


​Jeff and I made a deal

A long, long time ago.

Jeff would live life for real,

I would control the show.
As time went on nothing got done,

But who was really to blame?

We were both just having fun,

We are very much the  same.
Eventually we both began

To fight and blame each other.

Jeff is now a family man

And I am not his brother.
Both of us regret, the day we made the deal.

Now it’s time to find out, which of us is real.
©2014 Jeff Smith – All Rights Reserved

Through The Window


Through the window everybody would look, 

At you and the strange turn your life just  took.

It happened quickly and caused you great pain.

You don’t remember, so let me explain.
I was relaxing inside the coffee shop,

When you came in and started blowing your top.

I was reading my “Best of Jeff Smith” book,

When you began yelling with a crazy look .
You had everybody in there scared of you,

They were so scared nobody knew what to do.

They asked you to get out, you said “hell no.”

That’s when I threw you out, through the window.

©2014 Jeff Smith – All rights reserved

Jeff And Kevin


​Jeff grew up wealthy 

When he was seven 

He got a pet lion 

That he named  Kevin
Jeff and Kevin 

Would always fight 

That all ended 

Just last night
It was over a cookie

That Kevin was eating 

Jeff was so mad 

He threatened a beating
Kevin kept eating 

More than a few 

Then he turned 

And ate Jeff too
©2015 Jeff Smith -All Rights Reserved